Black American Dad Story


Rockism makes it hard to hear the glorious, incoherent, corporate-financed, audience-tested mess that passes for popular music these days. To glorify only performers who write their own songs and play their own guitars is to ignore the marketplace that helps create the music we hear in the first place, with its checkbook-chasing superproducers, its audience-obsessed executives and its cred-hungry performers. To obsess over old-fashioned stand-alone geniuses is to forget that lots of the most memorable music is created despite multimillion-dollar deals and spur-of-the-moment collaborations and murky commercial forces. In fact, a lot of great music is created because of those things.

Kelefa Sanneh, from his 2004 New York Times Times article “The Rap Against Rockism”. When I am not checking out books, shelving books, checking out headphones or telling someone that I need more information than a “History book” if they want me to help them find a book at the library; I have been going through Kelefa Sannaeh’s pieces in the New York Times and I went with an obvious piece, but it is still too true. 

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