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In a cruel and sad twist of irony, easily the best verse on the album belongs to Slim Dunkin, who shines on “Push Ups”. Dunkin was murdered in Atlanta last month as he prepared for the filming of the video for that song. If there’s anything truly exciting to be pulled from BAYTL, it’s Slim’s marked improvement as a writer, something that makes his premature death even sadder.

Jordan Sargent, from his review of BAYTL for Pitchfork. 

I doubt Slim Dunkin will get any more critic appreciation in death than in life, but Sargent is right that Slim Dunkin in the last year was showing marked improvement as a rapper. Usually it resulted grizzly and graphic rap verses, but as Bricksquad has ballooned in the last couple years, Slim Dunkin’s verses were easy to point out once you knew what to listen for (unmarked agression and probably a description of body mutilation you might have been better off not hearing). 

I never did a post to mention the death of Slim Dunkin, as honestly I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say about the guy. If you have read this blog the last year, you will know I had grown to really like his rapping, so it was sad to see that he had been murdered. But beyond that, I hope the best for his family and friends, as they really knew and cared about the guy and I just liked the words he rhymed into a microphone. 

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