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Money to Blow - Birdman (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)

Drake’s rapping might not be his strength, but he can sure sing a hook. “We gonna be okay if we put Drake on every hook,” says Lil Wayne towards the end of the song, and he could not be more correct. “Money to Blow” has a great hook, less because of what Drake says but how he says it. The extended auto-tuned “bloooo” and an ability to make lyrics about throwing money away sound prestigious and something worth striving for. Drake has plenty of high charting songs where he just provides an average guest verse to a song, but he shines with his nonchalant electronic tinged hooks.

As great as Drake’s hook is; the real star of “Money to Blow” is Drumma Boy’s production. Drumma Boy’s drums are one of his defining characteristics for better or worse. He is not immune to laying down a predictable drum pattern, but “Money to Blow” sidesteps that problem. Similar to “Down On Me” the drums are not afraid to completely stop and then start back up, or change up to entirely different set of drum sounds, keeping the songs from falling into the typical trap song mold. The delayed icy synths on top of the red & green light drums, makes the song a great addition to Drumma Boy and Cash Money’s cannon.

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